How to Start Blogging for Money

Blogging for Money

No doubt you’ve heard the rave about blogging, but now what?  

In this post I’m going to show you exactly how to start blogging for money.   When you’re just starting a blog online and you want to start blogging to make money, typically we all do the same thing..

We  go to google and start searching for how to start blogging for money or how do I blog to make money.. or something along those lines and then what happens?

Well a whole spew of websites come up giving you a small description of whats to come and you then decide what site you want to go to and learn from.

So what I’m about to show you is how you can start blogging so your readers have their  credit card in their hand and ready to buy from you.

How to start blogging for money

First you need to connect with a company that will not only give you really good commissions (forget this 20% stuff.. I’m talking 70% and up and preferably one that will also teach you what the heck to do along the way!)

When I first started blogging back in 2010 I was so clueless..  I had no idea how to blog for money so I got together a free blog on weebly and thought I’d just blog about what I wanted to and offer coupons on my side bars for peoples groceries.

It sounded like a good scheme in my head.. everyone loves coupons!  and I make money every time someone prints one.. man this was gonna be good!

I blogged all the time, I started loving it.. but for some reason I didn’t get the traffic I thought I should be..

and then when I got pretty good traffic nobody was downloading my coupons.. and when they did it was like a whole whopping $ .50.

I didn’t give up.  I was determined to figure out how to start blogging for money.

I became this hungry student willing to stop at nothing so I could comfortably stay at home with my children and not have to be so cheap and frugal we had to use dog shampoo because we got it for free at my husbands work.

(yea you read it right..)

That was my breaking point for me.

We had to cut corners so much for me to be able to stay at home.  I wanted so badly to be with my children.  And who could possible afford to work when you’re paying for 5 children and daycare!!  It’s not economical.  It doesn’t make sense.

Every time I would squeeze that bottle of soap into my hands to wash my hair and see that dog shampoo label I would think to myself, “I will figure out how to start blogging for money and will change the lives of my family.”

I have 5 children and virtual school them.  I don’t have TIME to sit on Facebook all day in the Facebook chat hustle trying to sell candles, lotions and shakes..  I knew that blogging was the ONLY way for a busy stay at home mom to be able to bring home any kind of income.

Blogging is powerful because you write it out one time,  do it the right way (which I will show you) and your blog will work over and over for you.

It literally felt like a God send when I was frustratingly scrolling through my Facebook wall one day, I don’t even remember exactly how it came across but there it was, “Niamh Arthur and the Stay at Home Family.”

There she was..

Someone that could totally be one of my best friends talking in videos and blogging.  She was just “my kind of people” A mom.. real, intelligent and funny all in one.  I quickly wanted what this woman had.. and I started following her like a hawk.    Every video she made it was like she was talking straight to my heart.  As her videos and blogs progressed.. so did her bank account..

Her blog was simple.

Her income was big.

After I watched this video I made the decision.. I was introduced to the Empower Network. I joined her on her mission and together we are creating the most successful team of online entrepreneurs in the history of online marketing.

And it changed EVERYTHING

I started my new blog  and started learning from Niamh and becoming a product of the product in Empower Network.  This blog here is actually being beta tested on the New Kalatu Blog Platform from Empower Network that will launch for you incredibly soon!  Since I have been blogging for over a year now on that blog I cannot begin to tell you how much of my life has transformed.

More than I ever thought ever could.

I thought I was signing up for a blog platform that I could resell to other people and help them start to blogging about what they were passionate about.  Sounds perfect to me!  (oh, and it is!)

But what happened is I found a home and a family.

I started following the 8 core commitments inside of Empower Network.. and I learned how to start blogging for money. 

Real money.

I mean commissions of up to $3000 

And then I went through the Viral Blogging Academy  and learned the right way to structure and share my blog and story.

The Costa Rica taught me sales psychology and how to communicate with people.

I went through the 15k and learned how to do solo ads, seo strategies and how to run your auto responder like a 7 figure earner.  I learned how to be a leader and build team excitement and create content that wins every time.

I’ve learned how to be a paid traffic ninja with the Internet Traffic Formula and completely automate your entire business.  I’m going through the Masters and can see the transformation of how my business is transforming even as your read this to an entirely different level.

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I’ve learned backlinking, autoresponders, conversions.. sure the average person would think, “oh I could never learn how to do that..”  But with Empower Network you learn how.  Think of it as your Online Entrepreneurial University..

Seriously.. all my student loans I’m still paying for a marketing degree and doesn’t touch what Empower Network has taught me about marketing.  (lol I think I was scammed and paid to much for my education.. I shoulda just went all in with Empower Network from the get go before I waisted so much money from college)

But combined with the inner circle audios everyday in between my mindset it very different than it was even just 1 year ago and now I don’t view anything as to big.. I sure can learn that and I will only tweak and get better everything I know about ranking in google and blogging for money.

That’s how I will help you the most.

Please believe I share all with my team.

In a duplicatable 21 Day Blogging Challenge process that any person can follow and be able to leverage for themselves to grow their team.   Your job is to invite people to the 21 day blogging challenge.  The challenge will walk you through 21 days to start blogging for money.

Blogging for money is simple.

 Share your heart and your passions.

Share your stories.

And help others to get blogging with you.

If you have a direct sales company or internet marketing company already.. great!!


You need a high powered viral blogging system that will help you rank really good in google so LOTS of people come to your site as you become a product of the product through Empower Network and my weekly live team trainings that will help you get started blogging for money combined with a growing community that helps builds your blog with comments and support.

Let’s lock arms and make 2015 our year to become 6 figure internet marketers with our blog together.  

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