How to Create the Perfect Black Friday Online Marketing Plan

Black Friday Online Marketing Plan

The holidays are upon us! Well… almost. This is the time of year where many businesses see a surge of revenue.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t capitalize on this either. The smartest businesses already have their Black Friday planned far in advance.

So let me pose a question to you. Do you know how to create the perfect Black Friday online marketing plan?

Let’s Craft the Perfect Black Friday Online Marketing Plan

The first thing we need to do is brainstorm or create a mind map of exactly what we want to achieve during, not only the Black Friday weekend, but through the beginning of the New Year.

I prefer to use Excel, Word or Freemind (Free To Download Here) to jot down my thoughts and really nail down what it is that I want to do.

Before I go any further, I’m not writing this for a multi-billion dollar company. I’m writing this for the small business owner who has a short amount of time on their hands.

I know you’re busy. So let’s just get to the details and answer some basic questions.

  1. What are you going to sell?
  2. What services are you going to offer?
  3. What is the timing of these offers?
  4. Does your pricing make sense?
  5. Are you leading customers in with loss leaders?
  6. Have chosen your advertising channels?
  7. Have you secured or contacted the advertising representatives?
  8. Do you have adequate staffing scheduled?
  9. What are your hours of operation?
  10. Do you have any inventory concerns?

These are just some questions that I want you to answer before you really start organizing your marketing plan.

Who is your Customer Avatar?

I talk about this nearly every time I open my mouth with a client. It’s such an important foundation to marketing that it cannot be talked about enough.

When I was working with my wife and her photography business, I’ll never forget hammering home the idea of customer avatars with her.

We were sitting in the living room late at night working and I just asked her to describe her perfect client and now every single one of her clients is a variation of that customer avatar.

To this day, I can claim that I was right. LOL. (I don’t think she reads my blogs)

My point is that since we defined who we wanted, our marketing message SPOKE to that EXACT person.

Need help figuring out your customer avatar?

Here’s a great blog post from Ryan Battles.

That should get you where you need to go with that.

Now We Schedule the Activities and Tasks That Need to Be Completed and When

This is the administrative and project management stuff that many businesses owners really are not good at. But the reality is that you need to get good at this so that you can succeed.

I like to use Microsoft Project for super huge important things like managing a multi-million dollar project while workin’ for the man. But that’s another story for a different day.

For small things, I just use Microsoft Excel and start typing and scheduling stuff.

You might like to use Google Calendars or your choice of smartphone app.

The moral of the story with this is that you just need to commit to your schedule and stick to it no matter what because this time of the year takes an extreme amount of focus and hard work.

Make a Note of These Scheduling Tips

  • Everything takes longer than you think it will. Be flexible on deadlines, but know when not to budge.
  • Try to use a schedule that accounts for dependencies.
  • Make sure you clearly assign responsibilities and understand what each person’s limit is.
  • Do something cool for your employees for working their asses off. That should be a given.
  • Plan down to the 15 minute interval only during days where the workload is extremely heavy and time is short.
  • Schedule around your goals for the day.

And Finally, The Marketing and Sales for Black Friday

Aligning your sales goals is really where this comes into play. One year during Black Friday, I remember standing outside of Toys R Us. It wasn’t too cold, people were taking swigs of Jager and having a good time.

It was the holidays after all.

I stood in line for about 35 mins before they opened their doors. It wasn’t a mad rush as you would expect, but it was organized chaos. Everyone knew what they were there for because everyone obviously reviewed the flyer in the days leading up.

The staff was friendly and calm and were where they needed to be when they needed to be there.

The store was reorganized so that people could get what they wanted and be funneled into a checkout line and that line got super long really fast. We’re talking an hour plus to get checked out.

But there are some key components about what Toys R Us does really well when it comes to marketing.

The first, is that they clearly told their prospective clients exactly what they were offering via the ads and flyers in the days leading up to Black Friday.

The next, is that they created a buying frenzy because there was only a limited supply of what they were offering.

They were organized and were adequately staffed.

And finally, the execution was nearly flawless because they had an excellent plan.

Here are the key components of an excellent Black Friday online marketing plan.

Get the Mechanics Right

  • You have your ads set up and scheduled
  • You have checked all tracking links
  • Follow up sequences are ready
  • Cart software and system is fully tested and ready.
  • Your bonuses are ready to be delivered.
  • Staff is available for customer service and to close sales.
  • You have social media managers on standby.
  • Hosting and servers are verified as renewed and ready for an increase in traffic.

At the end of the day, you need to collect leads, follow up and close sales.

That’s all online marketing is.

Three simple things, if you want to double check that you have all the things you need to be successful before Black Friday, Download This 25 Point Checklist Right Here

Get The Strategy Right

Now for the marketing strategy, this is the meat and potatoes of what you stayed till the very end for.

Understand and execute what I’m about to show you here and I’ll bet you make more revenue in your business than ever before.

  • Value stack your offers rather than discount them. This creates the foundation for an irresistible offer.
  • Have a new promotion for everyday leading up to Christmas. Doing this creates a buying frenzy.
  • Get foot traffic into your store by offering In-Store Only incentives.
  • Model the biggest retailers instead of reinventing the wheel. Due diligence goes a long way.
  • Extend your store hours. No brainer. Give your customer more opportunities to buy.
  • Find a balance between volume sales and profit. Understand the power of a loss leader.
  • Partner up with businesses that complement yours and cross promote each other. Businesses want to help you succeed.
  • Create an overarching theme and run with it. Is it love? Is it outdoor activities? Is it fun?
  • Always have a strong call to action. Tell people what to do. Buy now. Click Here.
  • Include scarcity in your marketing. Be real about this with true scarcity. When it’s gone. It’s gone.
  • Don’t forget to talk about the things you do for charities. The holidays are a great time to get the word out there for what you do.

All of these marketing tactics and strategies are great but they’re lacking one critical element that brings everything together…

The online sales funnel or in other words, the sales machine.

Gubuan Marketing Inc specializes in online sales funnel creation for small businesses. We have successfully built multiple converting sales funnels and we are ready to start helping you today, to find out how we can help you setup a proven online marketing strategy just in time for Black Friday, then go here to find out more.

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