How To Blog: Five Basic Steps to Blogging

Basic Steps to Blogging

There are so many different reasons why you should blog. 

However, you don’t want to dive in to the content writing without a plan.

Here are four steps that outline how to approach writing website content for a Boise blog site.

Define your audience

Who are you writing Boise website content for? Are you talking to your consumer demographic or to a new demographic for prospective customers? You can think about this in terms of the type of visitors already coming through your blog web site and who is already consuming your product, or you try to expand this.

Change your content management to fit your audience.

Once you have figured out who are the most important people to reach, think about what kind of content writing they want. What kind of voice will they read? Change the language and tone of your Boise blog site to fit what your audience wants.

Broaden your topics to fit your audience.

Not only should you change the tone of your Boise or Idaho website content, you should also broaden the scope of your Boise blog web site to include other topics that interest your demographic. That doesn’t mean you have to delve into deep discussions about subjects that don’t interest you. Mainly it means finding other information and articles that your audience will find interesting, and then commenting on and linking to these resources. This has two clear benefits:

    • It gives you backlinks which can boost your search ranking
    • It adds more value to your blog site in the eyes of your reader because you are expanding your Boise blog content management into other realms that they are also interested in.

Develop and define goals for your Boise blog site.

Why would you consider blogging? List out these reasons and create very specific goals. Define the value that your brand is offering through your blog web site. Here are several possible reasons to blog (this is not a complete list but can help get you started on your own brainstorming):

    • To create a more transparent view of your company.
    • To form an emotional connection between your consumers and your brand (this works great for some people).
    • To keep people updated about your company—like a newsletter.
    • To use as an SER tool to boost your Boise blog or WordPress site’s search ranking. This is a big reason for many people. Note that it is especially true when blogging with SER purposes that your goal will change how your content management flows.
    • To provide community. A blog web site is great for this. They can promote discussion, bring people together, etc. If you want a good example of using a blog web site to create community, look at Seth Godin’s blog. This has sparked Meet Ups around the country where people gather together just to talk about the questions he brings up.
    • To create a space where you can keep in touch with customers, getting feedback and criticism. When you welcome this, it is incredible what is does for business and for your online audience! It shows that you are listening and can be trusted because you took the time to create a channel to not only ask questions but also listen to the responses.
    • To establish your company as a knowledge base with more credibility.

The Do’s and Don’ts

There are a couple of things that you need to do, regardless of your blogging goals.

DO create a comment policy

Comments give every person the opportunity to say something, including things that are hateful and crude. It also opens the door to spam comments. That means you need to have a plan on how you will monitor and handle these types of comments before you even start blogging.

DON’T copy and paste PR or marketing messages. 

Your Boise blog web site will not be valuable if readers find that it is all PR and marketing sales strategy stuff. It isn’t interesting and they won’t come back. Instead, think about how you can create value for your readers.


Start shaping your Boise website content: how to accomplish your goals

You can get a lot of value with blogging and online communication. It provides you with more than a one-time experience with a visitor in the store, and instead creates a continual relationship that gives visitors something to come back for.

Maintain an attitude of communication

This value of continual communication and relationship underlines something very important about blogging: make it a communication tool, not a marketing tool.

That means that the very tone and attitude you set will be different. It is not about being polished and professional. It is about being communicative, open, and approachable. What does this translate to as far as your content writing?

Be very authentic. 

Find a cool voice that has personality and that will mesh well with your audience and your goals. You need to differentiate yourself and your content management from others in the industry. That is very important. Your readers will recognize and appreciate that. How do you do it? Be different by being authentically you.

And be transparent. 

Transparency allows Coca-Cola to take a step down to peer level. I can instantly have feedback from this huge corporation. Be transparent and let your readers feel the same from you. Don’t be fake, and don’t include too much of your own company lingo. Speak plainly. Your content management is more valuable if you speak on the same level as the readers.

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Be Engaging

Get inside reader’s mind. Think about what they came here for, what they want to hear, and how they want to hear it. Invite conversation. Ask a question. Most successful blogs encourage interaction with their readers. is a great example. They are so good at writing blogs and engaging their audience that their whole business is built off of writing blogs. On every single blog site post, they ask a good question.

Be Controversial. Don’t be afraid to be a little controversial on minute details inside your industry as well. These industry controversies spark good feedback and conversation as you let your readers know your opinion and why. Don’t be too offensive (this is not the place to hash out who should be the next president!), but definitely be a little bit edgy. Even if you get some bad comments, they took the time to engage, and you can win them over with more great content writing later.

Keep it simple. You should focus on obvious, niche topics that apply to audience. Certain topics will get really good feedback and good traffic, so start to keep track of those and focus more on those. As always, keep your tone conversational.

Make it interesting for you. Whatever you land on with shaping the Idaho website content, make sure it is something fun for you. Blogging takes so much work. If it’s not something you are interested in on top of that, you will never do it.


Implement Your Online Marketing Sales Strategy in all Aspects of Your Blog Site


SER and Search Engine Optimization.

When choosing topics from an SER standpoint, you always want to have a pattern. Get a nice search engine report that tells you what keywords would be best to use in your blog site and where would be the best place to use them.

Once you have this, begin learning how your blogger works. In doing this, you will learn how to best use words in titles, tags, and content writing. This may also help you best understand how search engine crawlers look at your page to find keywords, giving you more knowledge to best optimize your blog web site.

Consider your Social media strategy when blogging as well. Many companies disconnect their Boise blog site and their Facebook page and lose a great opportunity. Go beyond just linking the two together. Allow users of Facebook to suggest blog web site topics. Ask questions on Facebook, and then write a blog about it. Those are just some basic ways you can integrate the two. Use the two platforms to support each other.

Not only can you integrate your blog site and Facebook page, you can also use your Facebook page as a sounding board for blog web site ideas. Listen to the audience you already have with Facebook and Twitter. Test the waters for certain blog topics. When you do that, you will have a much better gauge of how interested people are in those topics.


Constantly analyze and monitor your Boise blog site for results and effects of what you are doing


Once Idaho website content is out there, you can gauge your results with analytics, so make sure you have this set up. You can get customized analytics service, but at the very least you should have Google Analytics. This is a free service offered by Google. Once you add it to your account, you can even use plug-ins to see it when you log into your blog dashboard.

The idea of analytics is that it breaks down your Boise blog web site. For each post, it will tell you how many people saw it, where they came from, and what they did. It can tell you what website they came from, what they clicked when they were on your blog site, how long they stayed there, and what they moved onto after your blog. It also tracks how many mentions you get on Facebook, and how many comments are on each blog.

This can answer any questions you had on if your keywords actually brought in traffic, what people are linking to your Boise blog web site, and what Idaho website content really got attention.

What to do with Analytics

Once you have this information, you can review it for SER purposes to see the effects of your efforts. Look back at your goals at this point. How did you do? Did you get a better search ranking? Did you create a better community? Do you need more traffic?

The key here is not only to see your results, but also to modify your plan based on them. If you are aren’t reaching your goals, ask yourself what you can change. If you see that readers are linking certain ideas to your blog site, consider how you can add that aspect to your strategy. You need to listen to your audience and their actions. As your online audience continues to change, your blog web site and content management can change with them.

*Note-  This Blog post exists mostly because our amazing content curator (Alana) was able to organize and refine a crazy-all-over-the-place conversation that we had about this topic. She was able to condense, organize and refine my ideas after 1 phone conversation we had. I hope to post again soon about that process/experience  and how amazing it is to help you get over that obstacle between you and a great blog post soon.

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