Creating a Culture of Compliance In Your Fitness Business To Massively Increase Value and Client Retention (Plus a Pop-Quiz)

Client Retention

What I’m about to share with you is literally a game-changer…if you put it into practice.

And I’ll tell you up front that at first blush it’s going to seem like a lot of work.  But nothing of value ever come easy.  Heck, I spent the entire weekend working on a marketing campaign for our VIPs that has a total of 24 different components.

The really good stuff don’t come easy.

And what I have for you today is really, really good.

First…your pop quiz!

Question: What’s the single most compelling element of your marketing message?

A.  Your big promise headline?

B.  All the great benefits you deliver?

C.  The many features of your services?

D.  Accurately hitting and empathizing with the emotional pain?

E.  A fat, juicy irresistible offer?

F.  Credibility and proof?

G.  A powerful unique selling proposition?

H.  A strong call to action?

HINT: All these elements (except C) are important, and when crafted properly and combined together make for a strong direct response marketing message.  But let’s just say you aren’t a highly skilled copywriter (maybe you are, but for the sake of this example let’s pretend otherwise). If you could get just ONE element done exceptionally well, which one would be the most valuable to get right?

Here’s another hint, and it’s a big one. In fact, it’s proof of what I’m teaching you.  Click this picture to enlarge it:


In case you can’t read that too well, it’s about 40 different testimonials from our clients attesting to how much money they’ve made using our stuff.  I’m not sharing that to promote anything, just to provide an example.

Here’s the point…if you surround enough social proof testimonials with just a reasonable headline and call to action…you’ve got yourself a pretty compelling advertisement.

The same could not be said if you replaced the social proof with just benefit copy, or just a powerful unique selling proposition, or just empathetic, emotional copy, or even just a great offer (although that would be a close second, but it would remain at least partially unbelievable and/or value-less without any proof to support it).

Credibility and proof – why you should be believed – is the single most compelling element of your marketing message.  Because everyone is skeptical.  Everyone.

Now, I know that some of you, maybe many of you, don’t have what I like to call “a preponderance of proof.”  You may have a few high quality testimonials, or a bunch of so-so testimonials, but you might not have a LOT of really killer results-based testimonials like you saw on that example I just shared with you.

And if you’ve been following us for any amount of time, then you know that’s a problem requiring your URGENT attention.

So that begs the question…”What’s the best way to consistently acquire social proof?”

And the answer is…


Regular assessments, ideally every 4-6 weeks, must be part of your client manangement.

Let me run down some reasons why:

  1. Gives you a solid reason for getting “before” pictures
  2. Gives you a solid reason for getting “progression” pictures
  3. Gives you a solid reason for getting measurements of key indicators
  4. Gives you a system for REPORTING back to your clients that proves results (because results come slowly over time, not starkly and instantaneously, people become “adjusted” to their current look and feel and can easily miss just how far they’ve come, and how fast
  5. Gives you a solid reason for asking for a testimonial (after you present them with their report), and will often lead to completely unsolicited praise and joyous appreciation – who doesn’t want more of that?
  6. Positive results improve compliance. Undisputable, factual, statistical feedback is much more powerful than “gee, I feel stronger…or…my jeans are looser.”
  7. Recognition and reward – you are recognizing their achievements consistently and rewarding them with proof positive.  Everyone loves recognition and reward…in fact, we thrive on it.
  8. Gives you an opportunity to ask for referrals at each reporting period (remember, you’re delivering good news…or should be). And when you put proof in front of them about their progress, they’re much more inclined to refer…because the value is so obvious.
  9. Gives you a reason to “get the rat sh&t out of the rice” as Dick says.  If they are not getting results on par with others like them, then you need to know why not.  And the answer is almost always nutrition, so now you have an opportunity to cross-sell nutritional services, or provide some other additional coaching to get them “over the hump”.  But remember that this kind of reporting is your friend…because it’s like holding a mirror up to your client…they know and will admit where the problem lies…and it ain’t with you!
  10. Statistical data like this can be compiled into charts and graphs that are another incredibly powerful form of social proof.  And I’m talking about incredibly powerful.

Let’s dig into that last one for a second, because it’s so valuable to you.

You know, even when you can throw up a TON of social proof, like I just did in that picture example above, there will still be those who think those folks are the exception and not the rule.

And if you only have a few testimonials, then it becomes even easier for prospects to say, “Yeah, but…”

Particularly the analytical type.  And the higher you go up the socio-economic ladder, the more analysis people put into their decision making.

But what if you could show a graph like this (click the picture to enlarge):


I just threw that together quickly, but you can see how compelling that kind of statistical analysis is.  And just think if you were to take something like this to an independent third party (like a lawyer) and have it “certified” with a big seal and a statement like, “I, Milford D. Mucketymuck, Esq. of Mucketymuck and Mucketymuck Attorneys At Law, have viewed the statistical data and do hereby certify these results as truthful and authentic.”

Now, you might think that’s a little over the top…but I don’t.  Not for a second.  And it would easily be worth the $250 (or whatever it cost you) to get it “legally certified.”  Talk about compelling PROOF.  Oh my goodness!

But look, even without going that extra step of certifying your results, it is still HUGELY powerful to provide proof elements like this.  People make decisions emotionally, but they justify with logic.  Your argument must contain logical elements, and this is as logical and transparently honest as anything you can do.

And here’s another important point, which gets right at the heart of my title for this post regarding a “culture of compliance” – I would take charts and graphs like this and blow them up and post them all around my facility.  I’d include them in my newsletters to clients and campers.  I’d review them with clients and campers.  I’d make this information just as well known INTERNALLY as I would externally.

Why?  You know the obvious answer…it proves you deliver VALUE!

Yes, success stories are vitally important, and you should have a HUGE “wall of fame”, but even still, there are those who will think, “Well, they can do it, but I’m different.”

No, Mary, you’re NOT different, and here’s proof!  Just look at this graph of women just like you and the results they’re getting!

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Not only does this breed a culture of compliance…of RESULTS…of VALUE…in your business, but it also stimulates referrals like no get out.  Because it raises the CONFIDENCE of every single client.  It reinforces that they are in the right place…and if the results aren’t there for them right now, it’s because of something THEY are doing wrong (and you’ll nip those issues right in the bud during your monthly assessments).

Are you starting to see the incredible power in compiling and leveraging this kind of information?

OK, great.

So, how do you get to that point?  How can you generate charts and graphs like this?

1.  Make assessments mandatory, every 4-6 weeks (I recommend 4 weeks because you get more data faster).

2.  Brainstorm out the data points you want to collect and compile

3.  Develop a system for managing the data so you can use it to generate charts and graphs.

4.  Go hog freakin’ wild with this data. Use it everywhere…because it PROVES the VALUE of your services.

I know, it seems like a lot of work.  But like I said at the beginning, the really great stuff always is.  But here’s good news…there is actually an automated system for compiling and managing this data and spitting out these reports, charts and graphs in a variety of different ways (and doing a whole lot of other cool stuff) at the push of a couple buttons.  We’re going to show it to you very soon, so stay tuned…

Make it a great week,

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