It’s ALL about the WHO (you’re marketing to)


Today I’m going to share with you the FIRST rule of ALL marketing.

I know marketing is a massive topic, so it’s easy to get confused when discussing the vast amount of information you must learn and master to become a champion marketer of your fitness business.

That’s why today I want to break it all back down to the very beginning.

Because before you do ANY marketing activities, test tactics and strategies, etc… you’ve got to understand the 3 “core components” of all marketing.

One of my mentors, Dan Kennedy, has a great model for relating the 3 core components he calls the  “RESULTS TRIANGLE”.

It looks this this:


So in this image you can see 3 things.

The MARKET you’re talking to (which is the who).

The MESSAGE you’re conveying to them (which includes all kinds of things like your headline, offer, reason’s why they should respond, call to action, etc.).

And the MEDIA which is simply the medium or channel you’re using to get your message to market. This can include advertising, direct mail, Google Adwords, your website, Facebook and social media, etc.

All SUCCESSFUL marketing campaigns must have all 3 of core components right.

Conversely, fitness marketing FAILURES can all be attributed to a break down in at least one (if not more) of these 3.

Does that make sense?

I hope so. Because you must understand and accept this premise before we can go on into further discussion.

If anything is unclear to you right now, reread the section above.

Make sure you get it… and good.

Got it?

Ok, onto the next lesson…

THE WHO is where is all begins

The WHO you’re marketing to is where it all begins. Because WHO you’re talking to determines what you should say to them, the offer they’re most likely to respond to, the media they’re most ‘tuned into’ that you should use to get your message in front of them… and more.

If you get the WHO wrong… it doesn’t matter what you say to them… and how you get your message in front of them… it’s just not going to work.

For instance, if I want to market high priced in-home one-on-one training services… I would NOT be best served by offering a paid assessment to folks that live in government assisted low-income apartment complexes.

Because it ain’t gonna work.. no matter what I say… or what media I use to get the message across (internet, direct mail, print ad, etc.).

These folks can’t afford and aren’t really interested in high-end in-home personal training services.

Another example of fitness marketing disconnect, is crafting a MESSAGE about getting 6-pack abs and big guns when speaking to the 60-year old crowd (MARKET).

At that stage of life, folks in their 60’s (the who) are more concerned about quality of life… being able to play golf 3-4 days a week in their retirement and staying active with the grandkids… than they are in getting beach body ready.

You’re probably nodding your head right now saying, “yeah Sean, this all makes sense, I already know this to be true.”

And you probably do know it ‘intellectually’.

But do you really practice and execute the rule in planning your marketing campaigns and activities?

My guess is NO.

Because we see most folks getting this wrong.

This marketing mistake is all too common.

A lot of fitness professionals mistakenly think that because THEY are interested in 6-pack abs… that all their PROSPECTS are also interested in the same thing.

Not so.

Here’s one more example of marketing disconnect for you.

Do you know what MEDIA your best WHO is tuned into?

Or are you just blindly throwing time and money into different media to see what sticks?

We see most folks doing the latter.

They don’t know where to start or what to test… because they haven’t taken the time to do their research.

And that’s where successful marketing campaigns all begin… in the research.

Doesn’t sound very sexy, does it?

But good research is what separates those who get it right from everyone else that gets it wrong. Good marketing is not about being brilliant. It’s about doing the work necessary to get it right.

It’s All About The WHO

Today I’m going to take you through a simple exercise to better define your WHO.

Once you’ve got a clear picture of your WHO, you can then look at crafting the message (based off what the WHO tells you is important to them) and choosing your MEDIA based off what your WHO tells you they’re tuned into.

Are you beginning to follow me now?

It really is ALL about the WHO.

So how do you better define the WHO?

The best way to do it is by getting to better know the best clients you already serve right now.

THEY have all the answers you’re looking for.

Your job is to ask the right questions.

I can’t stress how important this is. We have folks send in marketing pieces for critique all the time, send in campaign outlines, things they’ve worked on for a calendar, etc.

And they always ask me “what do you think of ________ Sean?”

I tell them… well, it really doesn’t matter what I think… the question is “what does your MARKET think?”

I’m not really sure if this makes sense to people when I give them this answer.

My guess is that it kinda does… but it’s just not the answer they want to hear.

They want me to tell them “that’s great, go do it”. So they can feel good about what effort they’ve put in so far working on ______.

They fall in love with their own creativity and want some acknowledgment from me about how brilliant they are because of whatever they’ve put together.

And this is VERY dangerous thinking.

As a marketer you must emotionally detach from your own work. Your job if you want to TRULY connect is focus all your energy on reading your market… and let them be your guide.

If you fail it will be because you didn’t listen to them… or you weren’t even tuned into them in the first place.

So, without further ado… let’s dig into…

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How To Define (AND TUNE INTO) Your WHO

By far the BEST way to define your who is to look inside your own business right now.

Who are your 5-10 best clients?

What makes them your best clients?

What do you like about working with them?

What do they have in common?

Maybe it’s things like age range or gender.

Maybe it’s things like they are all working on the same type of goals (sports performance, general conditioning, etc.).

Maybe they all generally have a positive attitude and work hard each session.

There are probably a lot of things they have in common. And they are all important.

The best way to discover the answers to those questions is to interview your top 5-10 clients using a well-designed marketing survey.

When doing a marketing survey, we break down these types of areas into what are called Demographics, Geographics, and Psychographics.

Demographics refers to things like age range, gender, marital status, profession, etc. How old is your client? Are they married or single? Do they have kids? What do they do for a living?

Geographics refers to where folks live (maybe one particular area of town or zip code). Do they own or rent their home? Approximately what is the value of the home they live in? How long have they lived there?

Psychographics refers to the emotional reasons why people make a buying decision. What was important to them when they become your client in the first place? What made them give you a call or come in to talk to someone about their fitness? What problems were the looking to solve or goals were they looking to achieve? Were they more interested in the way they looked, the way they felt, or a specific performance goal? Why?

I don’t have room to fit it all in or go over it here, but we have a very detailed 5-page fitness client marketing survey we give folks to use in our EVOLUTION ACCELERATOR™ program.

But after you’ve done your research (completed a good marketing survey with your 5-10 best clients) then I’ll tell you what’s next.

You’ve got to now summarize your WHO into a few common ‘characters’ or client profiles.

With just about every business it always comes down to about 3-5 common profiles that make up their best clients.

What you want to do is review the commonalities of these profiles and put them together in an outline form.

This is very much like what is done by writers and folks that make movies.

Writers have to develop good characters before they work on putting together the story that includes the characters.

Only you never see the character summaries.

These are always done by the authors or screen play writers in their work BEFORE THEY DO ANY WRITING.

Many of them go into great depth writing several pages of back story on who the charter is, where they come from, their background and motivation, etc.

This is done so they can get a really clear picture in their “mind’s eye” of the character before they attempt to write the story.

Well, marketing is the same.

You must craft a very clear image of your character (the MARKET) before you go to work working on your marketing MESSAGE or selecting any MEDIA.

If you’d like to see a couple worksheets we share with folks to take them through this process in our EVOLUTION ACCELERATOR™ program then just use the link below to download the profile worksheets we give out in PDF form.

Ok, I’ve covered a lot with you here today.

I encourage you to print this post out and go back over it with highlighter in hand.

It’s a bit to take in, but once you get this… and more importantly once you complete the exercise of doing a good client survey and then using those to craft good descriptions of your WHOeverything else will be on the right track.

And THAT is where good marketing all begins.

Be a fitness marketing maniac,


P.S. Lots of folks come up with fun creative names for the characters on their profile worksheets. You can give your characters any names you want… you’re the writer here.. and they are YOUR characters to do with as YOU please!

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