Social Brand Checkup: RadioShack


Early this year RadioShack made headlines with a rebranding effort — spearheaded by their popular #MyNewRadioShack Super Bowl ad — aimed at changing perception of the store and galvanizing fans both old and new.

The rebranding kickoff was accompanied by the closure of more than 1,000 locations, showing that the company was prepared to take a leaner and meaner approach to its brick-and-mortar presence as it moved to update its online storefront.

Social Shopper Marketing is the perfect tool for a business looking to enhance both its physical and digital shopping experience. Now that RadioShack’s new branding has been out in the world for a few months, we thought it would be a good idea to inspect RadioShack’s social presence and evaluate both their Social Shopper Marketing strengths and opportunities.

Throughout the checkup, watch for these icons to see how RadioShack stacks up in each area!

Multi-Platform Presence

As of February of this year RadioShack had a social community of 3.8 million strong recorded in a presentation by Cosmin Ghiurau, Director of Social Media & Digital Strategy for the company. At the time of this article 2.8 million of those fans were on Facebook alone, with strong followings on Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram. Not only do they have the fan base, but they also post frequently and engage with fans on all platforms. This large following on each of the main social networks is a strength for RadioShack, allowing them to run a variety of Social Shopper Marketing promotions to reach the exact segments of their target audience they want to talk to.

RadioShack is on top of their game and values their social presence. They have a dedicated social media team and have implemented strong social campaigns on a variety of platforms. Their “80’s Giveaway” offered 22 nostalgic-themed prizes in 24 hours. Twitter users simply needed to follow RadioShack and use one of 22 unique prize hashtags to enter. There was also a landing page on their main website to run with the promotion. The result was a 22x growth in social mentions; their hashtag organically becoming a trending topic; 4.6 million YouTube views; and 82% mobile access during the SuperBowl.

RadioShack does more than just push products on their social media accounts; they bring value and engaging content to their shoppers, and that is refreshing to see.

Consistent Brand Guidelines

It is hugely important for a brand to keep a consistent look across all social media platforms, especially with the size and 90+ year history of RadioShack. To keep up with their competition RadioShack seized their opportunity of a complete company rebrand to reflect their new store designs. The new visuals started showing up on their social accounts shortly after and have been consistent ever since. I have actually visited a couple of their stores in the Tampa area and was relieved to see that their visual brand guidelines on their social media accounts and website aligned with the visuals in the store.

For a retailer with a presence on multiple outlets, clear-defined rules on how visuals are represented will ensure that the brand’s integrity is never misrepresented.


There is one platform where RadioShack doesn’t have consistent branding: Instagram. Don’t get me wrong; they’re doing a lot of things right. They post engaging tutorials, pictures of their store openings, and even have contests. The problem is that there is no consistency among their visuals. Whether a brand chooses a more candid style or a professional one, they need to stick with it. RadioShack also couldn’t hurt from posting photos and video tutorials more frequently. We live in a culture of visual content, and every brand needs to make more of an effort to meet that demand.

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Customer Service

A lot of brands would rather remain silent than respond to an irate customer on social media. While this may seem like the easiest option, neglecting your fan base when they’re voicing their concerns can lead to a negative perception of the brand and decrease consideration. RadioShack doesn’t fall into this category. They are quick to respond to their consumers’ concerns no matter how big or small; sometimes even within the hour! It’s clear that RadioShack values the role of a Community Manager and understands how to use Facebook appropriately to solve issues.

Integrated Promotions

RadioShack includes branded, customized graphics to promote their products, but where are the social media promotions? Facebook serves as a perfect platform for translating in-store programs into Social Shopper Marketing programs. There are a variety of social media promotion types that range from a simple “enter to win” sweepstakes with a low barrier to entry to a more involved video contest. Thanks to this flexibility, RadioShack could use a Social Shopper Marketing program to drive awareness, or encourage shoppers to visit their store to make a specific purchase. If RadioShack is striving to be an innovator in mobile and tech, then what better way to prove that than with interactive promotions?


RadioShack already has the groundwork to implement powerful Social Shopper Marketing programs. These programs could give RadioShack the opportunity to leverage its wide-spanning online presence to bring value and excitement to its shoppers while simultaneously reaffirming their new branding and generating sales, both in-store and online.

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